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We provide Quality Assurance (QA)
Services for the following Equipment’s:
X-ray (fixed and Mobile) / DR System
Cathlab (Interventional Radiology)
C Arm machines
Dental X-rays
Cone beam CT (CBCT)
CT Scan
Bone Mineral Densitometer (BMD)

1. Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Compliance (QC) Services:

• Quality Assurance Services for Medical Diagnostic X-ray Equipment’s

Diagnostic radiology's basic task is to provide high quality diagnostic image information about anatomic detail or ongoing physiological process within patient's body, where such information cannot be provided using alternative diagnostic method which excludes the use of ionizing radiation. Ensuring adequate clinical diagnostic information together with the least possible exposure of the patient to radiation (As Low As Reasonably Achievable--ALARA principle) at the lowest costs is quality assurance (QA) program's main goal--optimization of radiological practice. Implementation of QA program does not mean just meeting legal requirements regarding quality control (QC) of X-ray and associated equipment and areas where they are installed but also implies optimum use of equipment, human and material resources

“Quality assurance” means the planned and systematic actions that provide adequate confidence that a diagnostic x-ray facility will produce consistently high quality images with minimum exposure of the patients and healing arts personnel. The determination of what constitutes high quality will be made by the facility producing the images. Quality assurance actions include both “quality control” techniques and “quality administration” procedures.

“Quality assurance program” means an organized entity designed to provide “quality assurance” for a diagnostic radiology facility. The nature and extent of this program will vary with the size and type of the facility, the type of examinations conducted, and other factors.
We provide Quality Assurance (QA) Services for the following Equipment’s:
- X-ray (fixed and Mobile) / DR System
- Cathlab (Interventional Radiology)
- C Arm machines
- Dental X-rays
- Orthopentogram(OPG)
- Cone beam CT (CBCT)
- Bone mineral densitometer
Scope of QA/QC services:
• AERB guidelines are strictly followed and implemented.
• Reports are prepared as per AERB format.
• NABH QA/QC guidelines are followed.
• Lead Aprons Testing’s
• Radiation Area Surveillance test’s conducted
• Radiation Leakage Testing’s performed.

Why you should consider KVS?:

- AERB/BARC trained and qualified Engineers will conduct QA/QC testing’s
- Most Reliable, Efficient and time bound services
- Assistance on AERB Registration/Licensing of the Equipment
- Technical support on Room Planning and Layout Approvals
- Radiation Safety & Protection Training to Radiographers/Technicians
- Professional & Cost Effective Services
- Dedicated technical support

2. Cell Tower Radiation Testing’s:

The popularity of cell phones and wireless communication devices has resulted in a proliferation of cell towers in our country. Opposition to the placement of these towers has sometimes developed among segments of the population, usually based upon aesthetics, concern over the electromagnetic radiation, or both.

EMF Services can conduct testing and site assessments for individuals, schools, building managers, or municipalities who wish to become aware of the RF levels at a location near cell phone or broadcast towers. The report that we provide will permit comparison of measured levels with Maximum Permissible Exposures (MPEs), precautionary guidelines, and routine background levels for comparable environments.

If new antennas or towers are planned for your location, our site survey can be used to establish a baseline RF level for later comparison (before and after testing). Follow-up readings are provided at substantially reduced cost compared to the initial survey.

3. Radiation Safety & Protection Training’s:

We offer Basic Radiation Safety is an introductory level course in the fundamentals of radiation safety intended to meet the training requirements required of all employees who receive, or might receive, a health-care related occupational exposure while working in or near a controlled / restricted area. The course focuses on the need for every employee, both radiological workers and non-radiological workers, to play an active role in maintaining exposures to radiation and radioactive materials within regulatory (ATOMIC ENERGY REGULATORY BOARD) limits and in compliance with As Low As Reasonably Achievable (ALARA) principles.

This self-paced program is offered in eight modules.
• Fundamentals of Radiation and Radioactivity
• Radiation Biology
• Radiation Dose Limits and ALARA
• Personnel Monitoring
• Access Controls and Postings
• Emergency and Spill Procedures
• Contamination Control
• Employee Responsibilities

Each module consists of user controlled slides with or without audio voiceover. The user may repeat or return to any slide as often as necessary.
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