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451P Pressurized μR Ion Chamber Radiation Survey Meter

The auto-ranging 451P features a pressurized ion chamber, providing enhanced sensitivity (µR resolution) and improved energy response to measure radiation rate and dose from x-ray and gamma sources. Originally designed to measure leakage and scatter around diagnostic x-ray and radiation therapy suites, the 451P’s site surveying capabilities make it well-suited for a wide range of end users, including: x-ray manufacturers, government agencies, state inspectors, biomedical technicians, and maintenance technicians for airport baggage scanners.

The ion chamber detector allows for a fast response time to radiation from leakage, scatter beams and pinholes. Additionally, the low noise chamber bias supply provides for fast background settling time.

The digital display features an analog bar graph, 2.5 digit digital readout, low battery and freeze (“peak hold”) mode indicators, and an automatic backlight function. User controls consist of an ON/OFF button and a MODE button. The case is constructed of lightweight, high strength materials and is sealed against moisture. The RS-232 interface can be connected directly to a computer for use with the Excel add-in for Windows (451EXL), enhancing the functionality of the instrument. This software allows for data retrieval, user parameter selection and provides a virtual instrument display with audible (requires sound card) and visual alarm indication

Key Features
  • High sensitivity µR measurements of rate and dose simultaneously, with the capability to record peak rate
  • Ergonomic, anti-fatigue handle with replaceable grip, wrist strap and tripod mount
  • Programmable flashing LCD display and audible alarm
  • Easily-accessible battery door (operated by two 9-volt alkaline batteries) on the outside of the bottom case
  • RS-232 communications interface with optional Windowsbased Excel add-in for data logging
  • Available with dose equivalent energy response (SI units)
  Tested. Meets applicable standards
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